29 JUNE TO 4 JULY, 2018


Is it with or without families?

देखा एक ख़्वाब तो यह सिलसिले हुये…

Dear 88to92 WallO, the reason, the yearning and the dream shaping this Reunion begins and ends with you. It is about memories of the events and things we were together in. The culture and times of that place and era. All these combine to make a potpourri called 88to92 Silver Jubilee Alumni Reunion. We know and remember the “you,” that was then! Twenty-five years back. We want to know and see the “you,” that is now. Today. We want to meet you, greet you, hug you…then beat you just a little before we treat you a lot! Just like those bindaas days. Twenty-five years back.

If you come with your family that will be so much better. A bouquet is always more fragrant than a flower!

What is the cost?

Every participant is responsible for his or her travel, hotel and all other miscellaneous expenses. The common expenses will be for events on July 2nd and 3rd evenings and couple of other things. A rough estimation at this point in time is $220/engineer for both evenings towards banquet hall, food and drinks.

Dress Code?

The theme of the 88t092 Silver Jubilee Alumni Reunion is the years of 88to92. Let us bring alive those years. Each of us should be surrounded with the friends and classmates from those years looking the way they looked then. Starting with your hair, mustache and beard to the clothes you wear on the 2nd evening should reflect “you” of those years. Business casual is recommended for the 3rd evening.

Civic Hotel

It isn’t easy to get hotels around this time in Vancouver for various reasons. Booking a block of rooms where a group participating in an event can stay together is so much harder. Civic is a decent hotel that just started this year. It is expensive for those traveling without families. The best thing for them would be to share it with someone.